Labor Day weekend motorists see higher prices at the pump

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Travelers hit the roads Friday while gas prices…

“Ridiculous,” Alabama resident Barbara Simerly said.

According to data, the U.S. National average of regular gas grew around 20 cents after hurricane Harvey made landfall.

In Chattanooga, the average grew almost 30 cents.

Higher gas prices didn’t stop Mark Diddle from continuing his 20 hour drive through Chattanooga back to his home in Maryland.

“It is what it is, I mean hurricanes happen.  I grew up down there.  I understand.  The refineries are down in Texas from all the flooding, of course.  The oil drilling in the Gulf is down because they had to stop for the storms and for safety.  So it’s expected.  It happens every year this time of year.  It gets high and then it will drop,” Diddle said.

Despite pricier numbers at the pump, the Tennessee Highway Patrol still expects a high volume of traffic on roadways this Labor Day weekend.

“Number one thing that you can do for you and your family is buckle your seatbelt.  That is the number one thing you can do for you and your family,” T.H.P. Lt. John Harmon said.

Simerly and Candace Barnett were heading to Pigeon Forge to be with family for the holiday weekend.

They planned the trip in advance, but are having to pay a little extra money to be with the ones they love.

“We done made up our minds that we were going so.  I guess if it’s five dollars a gallon, we’d still have to go,” Simerly said as the two ladies laughed.

According to gasbuddy, the cheapest regular gallon of gas in Chattanooga Friday morning was $2.16 at the B.P. at 4900 Brainerd Rd.

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