Lady Flames look to repeat title with record-breaking start

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Lee women’s basketball team is off to a great start in their quest for the conference crown — for the second straight year.

The Lady Flames have already broken the program’s win streak, and are ranked fifth in the country. However, even with all this, the team has even higher hopes for this season.

“I think that people really are intimidated by us,” sophomore Haley Schubert said.

And why wouldn’t they be? Only one team has been able to extinguish the Lady Flames hot streak.

“I think we all just play really collectively as a group. We all just really connect together,” senior Abby Bertram said. “There’s never really, we do have our down moments during games. That’s always going to happen. But we always find a way to come back and really play together as a team.”

The Lady Flames bench continues to ignite the offense — averaging 29 points a game.

“Our bench is a big factor, not only offensively but defensively and physically,” Coach Marty Rowe said.

“We just have a lot of great people on our team. We’re so deep. Everybody can shoot. We’re all so fast,” Schubert said.

“It’s somebody different every day. We don’t have five starters. We probably have eight starters. And we really can go a lot of different ways,” Rowe said. “I think this team doesn’t care. I mean that’s a great quality about them, who scores and who doesn’t score.”

They don’t really care about national rankings either.

“We see the rankings and the stuff on Twitter or when the school promotes it and whatnot but we try not to think about that. We always try every game to think we’re 0-0,” Bertram said.

“Other people look at it and know that we’re a good basketball team. And I don’t don’t just it on rankings and wins. We judge it on how we play,” Rowe said.

“When you look at how they play, would you rank them number 5 in the nation?”

“Some days. You know, some days. Some days not,” Rowe said. “You got to hang your hat on execution, and you got to hang your hat on rebounding and defending. Those are things that we have been good at. And if this team decides to continue to be good at those things then we’ve got a shot to be special and that’s fun to think about.”

The Lady Flames’ next game will be against Union University on Jan. 4.

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