Lady Mocs Cooking Class

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF)- Basketball is some what similar to cooking it takes a lot of ingredients for a good team a cup of hard work a little bit of talent and just a dash of luck and let it cook for a full season… Clearly I’m no chef the lady mocs got a real cooking leason from world famous chef Hartmut Handke.

"I think that they goggled him"

Just in case you havent Chef Handke has competed in over 50 national and international culinary competitions and has won 36 gold medals, more than any other chef in America.

He taught the team how to cook chicken Scaloppine and while most of us can never hope to be able to prepare a meal as well as Chef H andke it’s the experience that will stick with the girls…

"Its not just about basketball …..i try to put them in front of alot of people with different skills and talents and let them appreciate what growing up is all about"

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