Lake Chickamauga: “Hottest Spot For Bass in the Southeast”

Chattanooga-(WDEF) In the last two years, two bass fishing pro tours have been held on Lake Chickamauga, and the pro anglers have raved about the bass they caught.
So what makes the bass so good on Lake Chickamauga?
We caught up with two experts from the Tennessee Aquarium in Senior Aquaris Rob Mottice and Curator of Fishes Thom Demas.
Said Demas,"And we’ve got this big, beautiful reservoir on the Tennessee River that’s over 32,000 acres that creates just a fantastic habitat for them."
Said Mottice,"It has a great food base. There’s a lot of small fish that live amongst the aquatics that grow in that lake. Additionally, the lake is far down stream from any pollutants."
  Said Demas,"When TVA dammed the river, all these little peaks. So you get these fingers on the lake, which just creates incredible amounts of shoreline, which equals incredible amounts of habitat, which equals incredible amounts of fish."
Said Mottice,"Back in 2002, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency brought in some Florida Strain Bass and some Northern Strain Bass and some F1 Hybrids. Introduced them to the population, and over the years the genetics has improved. Now we are seeing a lot of large bass."
Said Demas,"The more genetic diversity you bring in, the stronger progeny of offspring you get when you are introducing all of that at the same time. What TWRA has created is really strong, hybrid vigor. And we’re seeing the fruits of that now."
  Reporter-"Kind of what’s your secret then to fishing Lake Chickamauga."
Said Mottice,"Just to find an area where there’s potentially good underwater cover. Be it downfall from shoreline trees. Be it a big pile of rip-rap. Be it a point along the shoreline in which you’ve got the current coming through bringing in some food for the fish."
Added Demas,"This has to be the hottest spot for bass in the Southeast right now I would think."
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