How Las Vegas Fake News Impacts Public

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – As we’re slowly learning more about the tragic and deadly shooting in Las Vegas, stories with no credible evidence are surfacing online, about what may have happened.

Fake news could be impacting the public.

It didn’t take long for someone to pull out social media and show a post suggesting the horrific Las Vegas shooting never happened.

“That was a hoax. Gun control is about to take place soon,” one woman read a post on her Facebook feed.

Conspiracy theories are popping up on social media and in some cases disguised as facts making difficult to figure out what’s real and what’s fake.

Atlanta resident Bernardie Badie said, “One of the things that I saw was that people were saying that there was more to the story then just an irate man going ballistic that there was more to the story that the government didn’t want us to know”.

This trend of fake news seems to only be getting worse.

A problem that could be connected to how well the public evaluates sources of information shared on social media.

Psychology Professor Tron Wilder says, “Stories that present themselves as news that aren’t … um … the direct source of that for us on social media is our friends and so we put our trust in them”.

He tells me that he believes many people seek out information that backs a preconceived belief, which can cause confusion over what is the truth.

“When we’re reading information … um … that could be fake news but it supports something that we already believe, just strengthens that belief and it strengthens the sort of side we might take”, says the Southern Adventist University Psychology Professor.

One of the things he says we need to be doing is being more skeptical of the information that’s put out there.

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