Last-minute Christmas shoppers

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- “I’m doing some last-minute Christmas shopping for my dog and for some neighbors,” said last minute shopper Jessica Benton.

Last minute Christmas shopping is a tradition for some people.

The common talking point from them, how few people there are compared to previous years.

“Not a whole lot of people. I’m shocked there’s not a lot of people in the mall, last year we were here it was very chaotic but this year is not very chaotic at all of course we got the COVID thing going on with the mask,” said shoppers Treena and Randy Hixon.

Last-minute Christmas shoppers are experiencing something they normally don’t expect, just like on Black Friday, there are parking spots available.

“I’m actually loving it I can park out front and get them out quickly,” said Benton.

“It’s great for me, me as well especially with the COVID, I’m not a big crowd fan anyway, so it works out great,” said Hixon.

One of the reasons experts gave for less shoppers being at the malls just before Christmas was due consumers spending less and an increase an online shopping with deals being offered throughout the holiday shopping season.

Even a last-minute Christmas shopper who wanted to spend some time at the malls is included in that list.

“I did most of my shopping online but came from out of town, from the mountains, and just wanted to check out all the malls.”

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