Last-Minute Shoppers

Whether they’ve been busy working or they can’t find what they’re looking for, there’s always a wave of last-minute shoppers. 

"A lot of people wait till the last minute to do their christmas shopping; very bad idea," says shopper George Faas.

"I’ve been working eight hours a day all week and I had to get some stuff for my brothers because it wouldn’t be Christmas without presents. So here I am, last minute shopping. Thank God I don’t have to work today," says Jeffrey Bell.

However, Waylon Allison says this year is particularly unbearable.

"I’m always a last minute shopper and it’s not been this bad," says Allison.

The National Retail Federation predicts a 4% increase in spending this holiday season and some suggest it could be due to lower gas prices.

"It helps traveling, saves money just spend more in the stores. So I think that’s why it’s generated a lot more activity out here," says Allison.

"Now with gas prices dropping they’re getting that little extra money with that little bit of hope for Christmas," says Faas. With gas prices shrinking, holiday traffic has been growing.

"Traffic is horrible," says Faas.

And shoppers say its equally as hectic indoors.

"It’s a mad house out here. It’s bumper to bumper, not only out here on the streets but in the buildings," says Allison.

Shoppers say the increase in demand has made this a not so merry holiday."It’s a merry holiday until you have to fight over an object and then you see people start showing their ugly side. A lot of people start getting into arguments. They fight over what they want. They’ll get there and find out the item they’re looking for is no longer there…" says Faas.

"They’re sold out of everything, traveling back to 153 to the other Academy to pick up other items, it’s everywhere," says Allison.Faas says he’s avoiding the Christmas chaos by ordering his gifts on the Internet.

"I did all mine on Amazon so I’m just waiting on it to get to my house," says Faas.

And if you haven’t started, these experienced shoppers have only one thing to say."Be very careful," says Allison.

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