Latest Coronavirus Updates

Here is a look at the latest Coronavirus news:

Tennessee reports 18 cases in the state, 0 deaths.  Two are in eastern Tennessee.. one a piece in the Knoxville and Tri-Cities areas. One test in Hamilton County came back negative.


Georgia confirms the first death in the state, a 67 year old man in Marietta. Of the 31 confirmed cases, there is now one in Gordon County.. the nearest to the Chattanooga area yet.



Alabama health officials today reported they still don’t have any confirmed COVID-19 cases, but expect to get them soon.



Hamilton County schools open Friday, then closing for 2 weeks. Catoosa County is closing from March 16-27, then taking Spring Break. Now scheduled to return April 6th. Dade County is open Friday, but will close March 16-27. Cleveland City/Bradley County are closing Monday to students (teachers go)  McCallie School moving to online on Monday. Baylor School moving online Monday, last day of class is Friday. GPS open Friday, then closing thru April 13th, then moving online. GPS is closing from March 16-April 13.


Courts: Many local courts are limiting or cancelling.  Contact your local court if you have a scheduled appearance. Chief Supreme Court Justice Harold Melton is suggesting that Georgia should suspend jury trials for 2 weeks, but no decision has been made yet.



Bryan College going to online instruction next week after Spring Break, no classes for a week, Lee College extending Spring Break til March 30th, Chattanooga State extending Spring Break thru March 22nd, preparing to go online for a week after that. Cleveland State is extending Spring Break through next Tuesday, March 17, then moving to online classes. Covenant College extending Spring Break, resume online classes March 30th, Dorms closing 3/18. Southern University is extending Spring Break another week, then switching to online on March 30th for the rest of the semester.


Event Cancellations

The Chattanooga Chamber is postponing their Small Business Awards and Expo. Camp Jordan and East Ridge Community will close for 2 weeks after this weekend.

But Songbirds has committed that their concerts will go on as scheduled at this point.


CFC (Chattanooga Football Club) is suspending play for 30 days, Chattanooga Red Wolves delay start of season 2 weeks.

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