Latest on new search for Amber Alert Evelyn Boswell

WILKES COUNTY, N.C. (WDEF) – Authorities say they haven’t found anything yet in a search of a pond in North Carolina for toddler Evelyn Boswell.

In a statement from the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office this evening, they said “The search was inconclusive to any facts to the investigation and all information has been reported back to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations as they continue their efforts in this investigation.” (More on the search here)

The pond in the Shepherds Crossroads Community is in the same general area where law enforcement arrested her grandmother last week.

42 year old Angela Boswell was only charged in connection with the stolen car that she and her boyfriend were in when they were found.

She has since been taken back to Blountville, Tennessee.

Ironically, she is now in the same jail where her 18 year old daughter, Megan Boswell, is being held.

Sullivan County officials charged the mother last night with making false reports on just what happened to 15 month old Evelyn.

Authorities still aren’t sure when the little girl actually disappeared.

But the Amber Alert and search continues for her.

Sheriff Jeff Cassidy says Megan has changed her story several times, even after her interview on TV on Monday.

“At this point, most of you are aware that we’ve received a number of conflicting, inaccurate statements from the mother, Megan Boswell, Evelyn’s mother. During the investigation, we determined that some of the statements Megan Boswell provided to us were false. Many of the false statements that Megan made delayed our investigations and also impeded our investigations on trying to find Evelyn. As a result, she’s been charged with false reporting.”

More bluntly, the Sheriff explains why he thinks the last time Evelyn was seen was earlier in December.

“Tenth or eleventh is what I’ve been going on, simply because it was verified by someone that’s not lied to us.”

Meanwhile, WVLT TV today talked to a friend of Megan, who has been texting with her.

She says Megan’s tone has changed since February 21st talking about her daughter.

That’s when she texted that she was scared “of the person who took her.”

The friend believes Megan knows where her daughter is, despite what she may be telling people.

The friend says the 18 year old mom has never seemed negative or overwhelmed by motherhood.

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