Lauren Alaina posts long, emotional message on Las Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (WDEF) – The wheel keeps rolling for Lauren Alaina in the biggest year of her career so far.

Last week, her duet with Kane Brown, What Ifs, hung onto number 2 on the Billboard country charts and was certified platinum.

On Friday, she released a video for her new single a harrowing song about her families struggles here in the Tennessee Valley.

On Saturday, she sang at the important country music festival, Route 91.

Then she’s back on the road for October, her next date on the 14th in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

But in between, a gunman shot down hundreds of people at the very stage where she performed just a day before in Las Vegas.

“When a really big life changing event takes place, you feel a flood of emotions. Some days you cry. Some days you’re angry and some days you’re happy.”

The quote comes from a press release for the song “Doin’ Fine.”

But it could also stand for what she’s feeling now after the shooting, at least the first part.

On Tuesday, Lauren posted video from her show and tried to put her feelings into words:

This is the only clip I can find from my show at Route 91. I have been searching and searching for the words to type in this caption. There are no words that do this justice. Every time I close my eyes I see this crowd. I see their smiling faces, their love for music, and their outpouring joy and happiness to be in a place that felt safe to express who they are with music. I felt truly connected to them for the 40 minutes I was on that stage, and I still feel connected to them. I will not let one monster steal away the beautiful and lasting impression they made on me. I will remember them for the happiness they brought me while sharing my music with them. That’s who THEY are. My heart is aching for the lives lost and the lives forever changed. We can’t bring back the loved ones that were lost, but we can give love in their memory and in their honor. We can’t let fear overpower love. I’m going to keep getting on those stages and making memories with crowds like that Vegas crowd and I shared. Music is love. Music heals. God is love. God heals. Let’s all come together in this time.

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