Law Enforcement explain what they are looking for from new Hands Free driving law

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Life behind the wheel is about to change for Tennessee drivers.

We’re just days from Tennessee’s Hands Free law going into effect on Monday.

News 12’s Taylor Bishop has more on the new law.

“The Hands Free Law goes in effect for all of the state of Tennessee starting on Monday. What does that mean for drivers, well driving with your phone and on speaker holding it in your lap will result in a ticket”

The campaign Hands Free Tennessee’s goal is to eliminate distracted driving-related fatalities in the state.

“Our lives are gonna change after July the first, because we are so in routine with holding that phone all of us”

Similar to a law that went into effect in Georgia a year ago, the new law makes it illegal to hold a phone in your hand – or with any other part of your body – while driving.

“We’re looking for self compliance, we don’t wont to write tickets but if we have to do that we have to do that”

The new law says listening to music is allowed, but you cannot watch or record vehicles while behind the wheel.

“Taking us back to our core values of driving. our hands on the steering wheel are eyes on the road, and less distractions in our vehicles”

If you are caught using your phone and are pulled over, you can get 3 points on your driving record for each violation.

Fines for violating the law start at fifty dollars and can rise to two hundred dollars.

Reporting in Hamilton county, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now.

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