Lawmakers react to Paris Climate Agreement withdrawal

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Lawmakers are weighing in on President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

After hearing the news President Trump and his administration decided to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, Representative Chuck Fleischmann was glad.

He says the previous administration should not have engaged in the agreement in the way that they did.

“If they wanted to do this it should have been done constitutionally through a treaty. It was not so basically Congress was circumventing by the Obama administration signing up for that. So procedurally I had problems with the way it was set up from the inception,” Rep. Fleischmann said.

He says the real impact is on American citizens.

“This was a bad deal for America and President Trump got us out of it. I realize some other countries are upset about it, but the reason they are upset about it is getting out of it is going to be good for America. It is going to be good for American energy,” Rep. Fleischmann said.

Mayor Andy Berke disagrees.

“Chattanooga has a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protections, and we will continue to push forward regardless of the stance of the current President,” Mayor Berke said in a statement.

He says the Scenic City was once deemed one of the dirtiest in the country.

He adds because Chattanooga has directly experienced the negative impacts of an ignored and depleted environment, he is committed to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

But Rep. Fleischmann sees the withdrawal of the agreement as a positive step.

“The United States right now, fortunately, is now exporting oil. It has tremendous reserves of oil and natural gas that have become available to us. We’ve discovered these. It is really going to help American manufacturing, it is going to help the American economy and it is going to make America great again,” Rep. Fleischmann said.

On Twitter, Senator Bob Corker wrote, people’s anger over the Paris Climate Agreement should be directed at President Obama.

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