Lawmakers react to Speaker Casada’s resignation date

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – Tennessee House Speaker informed colleagues today of his resignation plans.

In a letter to the Governor and legislative officials, Glen Casada said he planned to resign on August Second.

He turns 60 on August 2nd.

Casada wants the Governor to call a special session on that day to pick his replacement.

That means he will continue in the post throughout the summer and continue to draw his speaker’s paycheck.

Casada plans to remain in the House after quitting as speaker.

But his salary is almost 3 times greater as speaker, and he will continue to make financial decisions for the state and have access to a state jet.

The delayed resignation isn’t good enough for several of his fellow lawmakers.

Casada met with Republican party caucus members on Tuesday to tell them of the date.

They told him it should be sooner.

And Franklin Representative Sam Whitson told The Tennessean “If he is not able to serve as speaker after Aug. 2, then he is not able to serve as speaker today.”

Of course, Tennessee Democrats are more adamant.

“Every day that Glen Casada is in office is a slap in the face to to women, communities of color, and all Tennesseans who expect real work and not lines of coke to be done at the state capitol. Democrats have been sounding the alarm since Casada’s corruption began, and we’ll continue to fight to restore accountability and decency to the Tennessee legislature.”– Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini.


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