Lawmakers recommendations for action on Refugee Issues in Tennessee

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – A study committee for the Tennessee legislature has approved a final report, including recommendations for new laws.

The Joint Study Committee on Refugee Issues was created to investigate the federal government’s immigration program in Tennessee.

And it is a reaction to revelations about the Baptiste group apartments in Chattanooga.

Their report concludes “The federal government’s recent actions demonstrate a clear absence of transparency regarding UAC arrival, housing, and travel in Tennessee.”

Legislative leaders say their recommendations will be a starting point for new laws introduced this session.

Their recommendations basically require more reporting by residential child care agencies (RCCA).

They want the RCCA to disclose their 3rd party contracts and make more information available on who is in their care.

The document also proposes that RCCA must immediately report any missing juveniles and what happens to every child when they leave their care.

The final recommendation seems to be targeted at the Baptiste Group setup in Chattanooga.

It would revoke the license of any RCCA that has multiple employees charged with crimes connected to their jobs.

Two Baptiste counselors have been charged with sexual battery of underage teens while in Chattanooga.

Their cases are still pending in court.

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