Leading study on parking congestion for downtown Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The River City Company and the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority have hired Nelson/Nygaard Consulting to facilitate a study about the parking congestion in downtown Chattanooga.

Joel Mann, Senior Associate Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, said “A lot of new development; certainly a lot of new activity on 3rd and 4th Street corridor. The City has been leading a study on that. New hotel development – new residential development.”

The study will take several months to complete. It’s focus is to take inventory, assess current and future demands and possible locations for new facilities.

It costs two-hundred and twenty-thousand dollars, and is funded by the Lyndhurst and Benwood Foundations along with several downtown stakeholders.

Amy Donahue, River City Company Director of Marketing and Communication, said “Major draws to downtown are located together, so we have attractions, we have places like UTC, Erlanger; we have of course our downtown business core. All those things are geographically close to one another, so I think from the parking study that we’re going to be able to see opportunities for shared parking that a lot of other cities won’t have that opportunity.”

Once the study is complete, property owners, residents and businesses will take those recommendations and begin implementing them.

Eventually, there will be an opportunity for public feedback.

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