Lee Flames Enjoying Their New Baseball Stadium

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF-TV) Lee University’s Olympic Field is now a legit baseball stadium.
The school took out the aluminum bleachers over the summer and did some major renovations, turning the place into a full-blown ballpark stadium.

Said head coach Mark Brew:”I mean wow. To sum it up in a word. Wow.”
Said pitcher Winston Whitener:”This is awesome. It definitely doesn’t look like a D-2 facility anymore. It definitely has that feel to it.”
Said Brew:”First of all, it’s an A-plus spectator experience. I’ve been to a lot of minor league parks around the country. In my opinion, it has got that type of feel to it. 329 chair back seats.”
Said Whitener:”The locker room. The facility in there. Before it was kind of tight spaced. You know you were on top of guys. Now it’s a place we get to hang out before practice. Before games.”
Said Brew:”Our guys are very fortunate that the school took on this project. Well over 2-million-dollar project. It says a lot. Their commitment to us and our program. And it means a lot to me personally. Obviously as a coach you want the best. You want what can sell your program and put you in the best position to be successful.”
Said Whitener:”We’ve always played as hard as we could. The stadium doesn’t really change that. It has definitely enhanced the atmosphere.”
Said Brew:”What we have done is gone from a lower third facility in the league to the top facility in my opinion in the league. First kid we had on campus after we opened this facility committed on the spot. So pretty cool. Obviously we are bringing in recruits, and we think it’s definitely a huge advantage for us moving forward.”
Said Whitener:”Definitely greatly appreciated. It’s a privilege to play here now, so we love it.”

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