Lee Highway Army Recruiting Office back open after Chattanooga deadly shooting

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – A press conference was held Tuesday morning at the Army recruiting station next to the armed forces career center on Lee Highway where the first shooting took place.

The doors opened Monday and recruiters are ready to sign future soldiers up.

"The Army is here," said Sergeant First Class Dodge who is the head of recruiting for the Army for the Dalton and Chattanooga area. "We are open for business and we are out here beating up your streets looking for young men and women to join the United States Army to help fill the ranks of our future force so we can continue to keep our country safe."

And one Chattanooga man signed up while the press conference was taking place.

"I’ve been deciding for awhile," said Tristan Wood of Chattanooga. "I’ve been talking about it for awhile but this just really pushed me over the edge about it, you know? It makes me mad to see that they want to come here and do this to our homeland on our soil."

The battalion commander of the Atlanta recruiting station spoke about how remarkable the American spirit is in Chattanooga.

"This is a community that has shown what the American spirit is all about," said Lt. Col. Tony Perelli who is the battalion commander of recruiting in Atlanta. "It’s about strength. It’s about selfless service. And it’s about resiliency. And for you our heartfelt thanks for how quickly the city reacted."

Mayor Andy Berke also said he decided along with the governor to fly all flags in Chattanooga at half staff.

And as the thousands of flags in the memorial built by the community waved in the wind only a few yards away, police Chief Fletcher and Mayor Berke stood side by side to say that this terrible tragedy will not break Chattanooga.

"I think what he wanted to do was tear at the fabric of our community and we’re going to put it back stronger," said Mayor Berke.

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