Lee University Accounting Students Help Cleveland Residents With Tax Return Deadline

EAST TN, (WDEF)-"I love accounting, hahaha"

Lee University’s Kyle Briner is a big fan of tax returns and along with his advanced accounting class are trying to make a difference this tax period.

Kyle Briner, Lee University Accounting Student,"I want to be involved as much as I can, just doing the bare minimum doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to be ready for the outside world and a job is going to take everything under the sun really."

The accounting students from the VITA tax return program are offering tax advice to Cleveland residents all week.

They even have a tax return help hotline and also offer face to face appointments.

Professor Randall M.Miedaner, Lee University Accounting,"That has worked out very well and we have a VITA phone number, also a VITA phone number, vita@Leeuniversity.edu and we are offering the Spanish interpreters for the first time."

Michel-le, Mignott, Lee University Accounting Student,,"We do offer help people get out of debt, basically just being more aware of their financial status and just being aware of the best ways to spend their money."

The students along with Bradley Baptist Association are offering the free tax return workshops both on campus and at Cleveland Community Center .

Insurance experts here at American Exchange in Chattanooga say its vital to take into account health insurance changes for this tax year.

Llew Boyd, American Exchange Chattanooga,"If you don’t have health insurance you get penalized and if you don’t carry health insurance for this year 2015 you will get penalized in 2016, 325 dollars or 2% of your income or which ever is greater."

American Exchange say they also offer expert advice on the Affordable Health Care Act and encourage families to review all their tax return options.

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