Lee University Volleyball Coach Andrea Hudson Recently Celebrates 800th Career Win

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF) Andrea Hudson has become an institution at Lee University.
This year she started her 27th season as the head volleyball coach for the Lady Flames.
And two weeks ago, Hudson reached a coaching milestone. She claimed her 800th career victory.
Said Hudson:”Lee took a risk on me when they hired me. I came 27 years ago, and the program was only two years old, and I had only coached middle school volleyball at that point. I hired the right person as my assistant, who ended up five years later becoming my husband. In general, I’m an easy going, funny, hanging out with people kind of person, but when I put on my coaching hat, I’m very intense. My expectations are like that. I believe that came from my Dad. He was a military guy. We had a group one time. We were playing up in Johnson City. We lost, and we were supposed to win the tournament. We were on the bus on the way home, and the girls didn’t show that it really mattered to them, so they got out a guitar and started singing and having fun. When we got to the school, I was like, are we practicing. I guess we are practicing. They all laughed. I said no. Get out of the bus, we are practicing. What happened though that was in 1998 I rememeber that year because we didn’t lose another game after that and made it to the national tournament for the very first time. I just recently got a new assistant, and he’s young. Every time I get a new assistant coach, they stand all the time. They’re always standing. I told him when he first got here. I was like for about the first ten years of coaching I did that same thing. I realized that the only thing it was doing was making me tired. When you get 800, and you start hearing about other coaches in the coaching profession that have that many wins. It is people that you have been to conventions to hear speak about coaching.”
Reporter:”If I was to ask your players, what’s one thing Andrea does all the time, what would they tell me?”
Hudson:”They would say that I expect them to be perfect. I told them just yesterday. I know you guys have seen ‘Remember the Titans’. I was like I’m not going to change. If you ever strive for anything below that, then you are not really striving to be your best.”

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