The legal ramifications if a truck hit the I 75 bridge

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – TDOT officials now say an oversized truck hit the bridge, eventually causing Monday’s guardrail collapse on I 75.

But they aren’t sure who or when.

News 12 now spoke with legal expert Gary Massey.

He says if a truck hit the side of the bridge and caused it to fall the legal measures will be more direct than if the inspection of the bridge was not done correctly.

“A really troubling answer to this question, Chip, because it depends on who caused it. If a truck came through there an hour or two hours before, and hit this bridge, and then an hour, two hours later, the thing collapses, then we need to know who the trucker is, because that’s who’s responsible. We need to know who the company is that ran into it and caused the collapse. If it was a problem with the state, if the state should’ve known that there was a problem, then it becomes a much more difficult question.”

If there was a problem within the state that caused the collapse GARY MASSEY SAYS normally you cannot sue the government for something they have done wrong because of sovereign immunity.

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