Legendary Red Bank Football Coach Tom Weathers Dies

Legendary Red Bank football coach Tom Weathers passed away Wednesday after a lengthy illness. He was 80 years-old.
Weathers coached the Lions for 29 years winning 222 games and a state title in 2,000. The football field at Red Bank is also named in his honor.
Former players Ted Gatewood and Gerald Riggs Junior spoke with us about what made Weathers such a respected coach, including a poignant moment before the Lions 2,000 title run.

Said Gatewood, who is now an assistant coach at Red Bank:”Coaching is teaching and teaching is coaching, and he was a true example of a teacher and a mentor. Probably the best quote we can give is he got more out of saying less in this profession than anybody I’ve even been around.”
Said Riggs, who was a running back on the 2,000 state title team:”Like I said, he just never had to yell man. And like Coach Gatewood said, he was exactly right. You just did not want to let the man down. If you’ll remember his first wife Linda passed that year. I’ll never forget we were at practice. We’re all lined up getting ready for practice. The other coaches were running practice. Coach Weathers comes walking up on the practice field. Excuse me if I get a little emotional for a second. He walks up onto the practice field. And uh. He just said guys, I don’t know where else I’m gonna go. So let’s get out here and play some football. Let’s get some stuff done. And it was like at that moment (snap), we knew we were not going to lose.”

Weathers also enjoyed coaching stints at Dade Co and Soddy Daisy.

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