Less People Smoking in 2014 But Concern Over Second Hand Smoke Affecting Children This Holiday Season

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Ash.org released this video Tuesday asking for families to cut down on tobacco use.


Chris Bostic, Ash.org Deputy Director of Policy,"Ultimately 60,000 people a year in this country from exposure to second hand smoke, these are people that never picked up a cigarette, that are dying, of course people on holidays spend a lot of time with family members that they may not normally see and are exposed to second hand smoke either their grandparents or aunts and uncles."

Bostic says while there are less smokers and tobacco addicts in the US in 2014 than there were a decade ago Southern States are still struggling.

"In your region this is a problem smoke free air laws are either weak or non existent, another issue down there is the taxes are very low and taxes are the best way to keep children from starting smoking."

His views are echoed by Dr Ibrahim a psychologist with Tennessee Community Counseling.

"When we talk about this region in particular we are closer to the higher ends, national average is about 18% here in Tennessee about 23% it is quite a big problem."

Dr Ibrahim added that more research is showing tobacco addiction is being passed on through genetics.

Ahmed A Ibrahim M.D. Psychologist,"You get a child who is adopted by a different family at birth, to see if genetics affect addiction or not and yes they tend to actually smoke more than if their biological parents smoked."

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