Life with Luther: A Special Tribute

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Luther Masingill struck a chord with the Tennessee Valley because he’s unique.

His little violin usually made an appearance around holidays, but any day was fair game.

And did you know Luther ate Krystal almost every morning?

He would even save the buns to feed to his birds.

Luther told me, "My birds look forward to them every afternoon."

Luther also enjoyed a little Nehi for his birthday every year.

You could call it the icing on his cake.

And your calls were so important to Luther that he would answer them on set during the weather or news … it didn’t matter.

Luther needed to know if you found your missing pet.

It was also hard to miss his beautiful ties, hand-picked by Luther’s wife Mary.

I tried to give him credit, but he would always say, "Oh, no Mary picked them out."

Our Community Calendar will never be the same.

Did you know Luther typed out his list of events on a typewriter every single day.

And he was here, at WDEF, almost every single day.

Nothing could keep him away.

Luther was there to help you, give you a compliment, and just put a smile on your face.

The staff, as well as the community, will miss that and his signature fedora.

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