Lightning Strike Causes Devastating Lakesite House Fire

As if tornadoes and floods weren’t enough to worry about with this stormy summer weather.

Lightning strikes are responsible for a surprisingly high number of house fires.

And Thursday night, a single family home in a quiet subdivision in Lakesite was struck by lightning and moments later, fully engulfed in flames.

"The damages are significant, probably a total loss," said Amy Maxwell who is the spokesperson for Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services. "The damages are about 350 thousand."

Observant neighbors saw the lightning, and thankfully, noone was home at the time.

"Neighbors called in 911 reporting that they saw lightning striking the chimney of this home," said Maxwell. "Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department responded. As soon as they got on the scene they reported the attic area and the back of the house was fully involved with fire."

Unfortunately, a pet is missing.

"They’re in the process of finding the owner’s pet. The dog has not been able to be found as of yet."

The home is 2119 Port Royal Drive off Hixson Pike in Lakesite.

Crews shut down a portion of Hixson Pike so the multiple responding fire departments could get into the neighborhood.

Fire Departments responding were Dallas Bay, Sequoyah and Red Bank.

The owner had only lived in the home for one month when this tragedy struck.

Officials say lightning strike house fires are more common then you would think.

"We’ve had such an unstable amount of weather here within the last two days, these severe storms," said Maxwell. "And we have been notified of the frequent amount of lightning we would obtain. And unfortunately this young lady was unfortunate and she’s lost her house."

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