Lisa Page fighting congressional deposition

Former FBI lawyer and member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation Lisa Page is fighting a congressional deposition originally scheduled for Wednesday to appear before the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee.

Page’s attorney Amy Jeffress told CBS News’ Paula Reid in a statement that while the FBI, Page’s former employer, has agreed to let Page see her notes and documents in preparation for the meeting, they have not yet provided those assets.

With this, Jeffress said that neither committee has “followed the normal process” leading up to a voluntary appearance, and that the committees have also failed to explain the scope of the investigation.

“Lisa has cooperated voluntarily with another congressional committee that had no objection to explaining the scope of its investigation or providing sufficient notice for her interview,” Jeffress said in the statement. “Lisa also cooperated fully with the OIG investigation and appeared voluntarily for multiple interviews, including after she left the FBI.”

Page and her attorney continue to work with the committee staff to arrange a date for her appearance.

The development comes just ahead of her former FBI colleague Peter Strzok’s congressional testimony on the Russia investigation Thursday.

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