Live United Day Features “Stuff The Bus”

      The Hamilton County School year may already be underway, but the need for school supplies never ends.
      "Teachers on first day will get too much of one thing, too less of another….we are able to give them what they need when they need it and do it very efficiently with the dollars we raise," said Stefanie Crowe with the United Way.
      The United Way’s "Stuff the Bus" campaign makes sure teachers are able to get much needed supplies into the hands of those that need them.
      "In Hamilton County over 59 percent of the kids are economically disadvantaged, so the donations that we raise today will help school teachers everywhere support children so they are ready for the first day," said Crowe.
      Too many times teachers have to pay out of their own pockets to make that first day a success.
      "I can’t tell you how many teachers come out of pocket, to the tune of hundreds if not thousands of dollars a school year to support their students. This event will help alleviate some of the pressure our teachers are bearing to make sure they are reaching the most vulnerable students," added Crowe.
      Walgreens and Volkswagen are just two of the big companies putting up big bucks to help the cause. It’s one that is more of an investment they hope pays off down the road.
      "Education is the foundation of the future of our company, not only our community. Hopefully one day, several of the students that benefit from what we’ve been doing will become employees of ours at Volkswagen and maybe even come through the technological program," said Volkswagen’s Armenda Blake-Scherle.
      And while donations from big companies like Volkswagen are welcome, sometimes the smallest gift can have the biggest impact.
      "There was a four year old that was bringing supplies that he and his mother bought. It’s great to see kids from a very early age realize it’s important to give back."

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