Living life with a rare cancer during a pandemic

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Most of us have been struggling with the inconveniences we have had to face during the coronavirus pandemic.

But for those who have been diagnosed with cancer or other illnesses, those inconveniences become the difference in life or death.

31 year old Anna Moerland was diagnosed with Granulosa ovarian cancer 6 years ago  but the cancer is back and more aggressive- and now a pandemic will force her to prepare for cancer survival in a whole new way.

“It’s been interesting for me particularly because this time with cancer I have had to do chemo. The other times it didn’t really feel like it lowered my immune system but this time I know that it has. The coincidence of Covid happening at this time , it definitely was a big deal for me,” says Anna Moerland, Cancer Patient.

Moerland says this pandemic has created so many struggles for her because everywhere she needs to go is considered high risk for her.

“A lot of shared spaces and travel are the difficulties i have had. I cannot drive so Ubering is something I have to do and that can be labeled as exposure. Then when you go to the hospital as much as I do, traveling alone on a plane during Covid with chemo is definitely on my fear factor list,” says Moerland. 

In August, Moerland will be traveling to the Mayo Clinic to see a doctor who specializes in her rare cancer, So a go fund me has been created to help with the expenses. 

“It’s really hard not to get depressed with cancer. I got depressed with it without even realizing it. I am not one to ask for help and that was the second hardest decision I had to make in life. But once I got accepted into the Mayo Clinic , I knew I needed to afford traveling there, food and with being new chemo something could happen to me at any time,” says Moerland.

For more information on Anna’s journey and a link to her go fund me account, click here


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