Local BBB warns of “Can you hear me?” scam

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) — The “Can you hear me?” scam has received national attention in the past week, but the local Better Business Bureau is warning of its presence locally.

Jim Winsett, president of the BBB for southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia, says many locals are reporting calls from the scam.

The BBB says more than half the reports to the bureau’s Scam Tracker in the past few days have been about this scam.

Consumers have reported scam calls about vacation packages, cruises, and warranties along with other big items.

According to the BBB, the caller will almost immediately as “Can you hear me?” hoping you answer “yes” instinctively. The BBB reports sometimes there is fumbling around on the other end of the line, or the scammer might say they are having trouble hearing you. The goal is to get a person to say “yes” which could later be edited and used to make it sound like authorization for major purchases.

To avoid the scam, the BBB says if someone calls asking “Can you hear me?” or other questions that solicit a basic “yes” answer to just hang up.

The BBB also recommends using caller ID to screen call and consider not answering unfamiliar numbers.

Scam calls – including the phone number – can be reported to the BBB.

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