Local boy scout critically hurt by tree

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Boy Scout Troop 82 was clearing a trail at the popular Enterprise South Nature Park Saturday when the day took a tragic turn.

11-year-old Adrian Senentz was almost crushed to death by a tree being cut down.

“He saw the tree as it was falling and moved to run away,” his father Brett Senentz said. “But he ran away mostly in the line of the tree so it hit him alongside the back, the back left side.”

Every parents worst nightmare came true in a short phone call from another Boy Scout parent.

“The thing that stood out about the call were ‘tree’, ‘ambulance’ and ‘Adrian’,” Senentz said.

Senentz and his wife Amanda raced to the park where he says they were baffled by the amount of emergency personnel at the scene.

“Many if not all the scouts were there, present to witness the event so they were very shaken,” Senentz said.

In addition to a fractured skull, his injuries were extensive.

“There were a number of fractures, most of those occuring in the spine and ribs. Eleven of his 12 ribs were broken,” he said. “Additional broken bones in his head and the femur and a little bit in his pelvis, just kind of swiping right down his body.”

Doctors removed almost half of one lung in surgery, but the uncontrollable blood loss is what frightened them most.

“But the biggest immediate thing was he had internal bleeding to the point where they basically put about half of his blood volume back into him,” he said.

Doctors had to lower Adrian’s brain swelling before treating his many broken bones.

They are keeping him unconscious for his own healing.

“The brain is such an important life maintaining and life giving aspect of our human body,” Ken Wilkerson, director of the Hamilton County E.M.S. said.

Here is a GoFundMe account set up to help Adrian’s family with the many medical expenses they will be facing.

Blood Assurance is currently accepting blood donations in his name.

Visit a center or mobile and let your Donor Care Specialist know that you would like to donate on behalf of Adrian Senentz.

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