Local Boy Scout troops place flags at Chattanooga National Cemetery

Boy Scout troops from all around the Tennessee Valley visited the Chattanooga National Cemetery Saturday afternoon to place memorial flags next to over 55,000 graves.

The event began at 8 a.m. and lasted until around noon. Pat Conley is a Boy scout leader for her grandson’s troop. They are Troop 125 out of Rossville, Georgia.

Pat and her family have been placing flags together on Memorial Day weekend for seven years. She said it teaches her grandson and other scouts respect for the fallen.

“It is teaching our youth in scouting, the honor of being in the military, and to always honor their military because that is part of their Scout Oath. It is God and country. We want to instill in them, the respect first and foremost, and what it means to serve their country,” Conley said.

The Chattanooga Boy Scouts have reportedly participated in Memorial Day activities at the Chattanooga National Cemetery since as early as 1915

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