Local brewers react to Georgia House bill on breweries

Rock Spring, Georgia (WDEF) — Fans of breweries and distilleries in Georgia now have a reason to celebrate.

This new legislation is just the beginning for brewers in the state of Georgia.

Georgia lawmakers in the House recently passed a bill allowing breweries to sell directly to consumers.

Before, they were only allowed to offer tours and small samples.

Now, these craft brewery owners in Rock Spring, Georgia say customers will have access to a greater variety and the brewing industry is about to boom.

Jason Randles is a co-owner of Phantom Horse Brewing. He says, “A lot of people didn’t maybe go to the state of Georgia a lot for breweries, because they knew they couldn’t go into the brewery.”

Randles says the new law will enable them to sell growlers, expand their product line and start bottling.

Skip Welsh is also a co-owner of Phantom Horse Brewing. He added, “But I think it’ll attract more breweries, especially some of the larger scale brew houses to come to our state now. They won’t be restricted in what they can sell; what they can sell it.”

Welsh says business owners can now stay in the state, instead of being forced to look elsewhere.

“If more consumers are coming in then we’re going to make more money. That’s going to be more tax dollars for the state, for the county. It helps everyone and the more we can expand, we can start to hire employees,” said Randles.

The bill was approved in the House and is now waiting to be signed into law by the Governor.

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