Local Businesses urge residents to #ShopSmall for Small Business Saturday

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – After the Black Friday frenzy, communities across the nation take part in Small Business Saturday. It was founded by American Express.

They started this nationwide every to celebrate small businesses and encourage you to discover the new small businesses in your area.

Business owners from all over Chattanooga were out at a pop-up shop at the Chattanooga Library downtown Saturday morning. From apparel to books, skateboards, and jewelry, anything you could imagine was represented and all of them were created right here in the scenic city.

Megan Emery says, “It’s incredible what these people are creating and their services are so vast.”

Emery organized the small business fair and say this is the library’s way of being apart of the innovation that you can see all over town.

“We view this very much as an opportunity for the library to get involved. Helping people who are starting out, folks that don’t necessarily have a brick and mortar location to pop up a shop, meet their customers, show off their products and engage with our community that way,” Emery believes.

If you are considering becoming a business owner, Emery says the library has the tools to set you on the right path.

“We also share with then articles, pricing formulas, and information on booth and selling psychology so that they really can maximize their own potential,” says Emery.

Over in North Shore, an area known for its small businesses, Nooga Paws event coordinator Caitlyn Hyma hopes that every year these events encourage people to spend more money locally.

Hyma says, “Working here and shopping here even just in this complex gives me a better idea of how my money is staying here and paying the people around me… When you shop small over 50% of your money stays here locally.”

That’s one reason Mayor Andy Berke says he stopped by Nooga Paws today to support a small business and pick up treats for his new furry family member and to help bring home the importance of shopping local.

Hyma explains, “It’s convenient going to be box stores and sometimes a little less expensive, but here you know what you are paying for. All of us we live here and we shop locally. ”

Hyma says that shopping small means that your dollars are also used locally through their charitable efforts as well. This year their angel tree is supporting two local animal shelters.

“Everyone will have a different animal and it tells kind of what that animal wants for Christmas and these items go into a donation box and we take it to the animals at the shelter before Christmas so that they are having nice things for Christmas that our animals and us take for granted,” says Hyma.

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