Local Cuban-American Reacts to New Policy Changes

        Haydee Perez-Parra came to the United States from Cuba when she was just 8-years-old in 1980, a year Cubans were allowed to emigrate out of Cuba.
        So learning that the U.S. and Cuba are beginning to normalize their policies towards one another created an emotional day for her and her family.

"It was just an overwhelming feeling of joy and satisfaction, achievement, peace, there’s just all these words coming to mind as I read what was going on," said Perez-Parras.
        Part of the agreements appeal to her is that it means traveling to her home country will be easier and cheaper.
        "A lot of people left with that idea of never seeing their loved ones so being able to open that door is monumental just to be able to get the family back together."
        She says she hopes this agreement will eventually make life better for her family in Cuba easier too.
        "It’s just about the freedom of just being.  That’s what the Cuban people need. And that’s what I wish for them because I experience it.  I live it, I breath it every day. That’s what I want for them."

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