Is Your Local Dam Safe?

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Around 180,000 Californians in the area surrounding the Oroville Dam were evacuated after workers tried to prevent a breach.

News 12 got to take an in-depth look about our own Chickamauga dam and if the Scenic City would have similar issues.

“Our phones just went off crazy and we got this crazy alert saying that hey everybody need to be evacuated now in 60 minutes or less Orville is going to be underwater,” said one resident of Orville.

This incident caused concern here in the scenic city because of past issues with our own Chickamauga dam.

Scott Fielder stated,  “Our dams are reliable, they are absolutely safe.”

TVA spokesperson Scott Fielder assured that to get to the mishap that happened at Orville would be an extreme measure.

He says that TVA has already been working to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“Last year Chickamauga we did some geo-technical drilling that’s actually drilling into the soil around on the topside of the dam in the water out there where we wanted to look deep inside to ensure the safety and stability of the dam and everything is within specifications,” said Fielder.

Now after speaking with local officials that our local dams are safe , but just in case they made some precautionary measures.

“In the event something should happen we have processes in place to work with Hamilton County to ensure the proper notifications are made and ensure the public is informed,” said Fielder

There are currently emergency plans that would be enacted by city officials to make sure everyone is safe.

Yet, after reading the most recent risk factor reports our own dam looks like it made the cut.

If you wish to know how to keep your family safe during a natural disaster visit the Hamilton County Emergency website.

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