Local Man Creates Swimming Pool Out of a Trash Compactor

“I betcha that thing could hold water, and I betcha I could make a pool out of it,” says Ryan DeLoach about his Swimpactor. This Athens couple is turning trash into treasure, literally. The couple is transforming an old trash compactor into a swimming pool, called the Swimpactor.

“I got this trash compactor from Seaton’s Iron and Metal here locally in Athens. It’s probably about a mile and a half down the road. They’ve got all kinds of scraps, brand new, used, getting ready to be crushed. So, I saw it and said ‘you know what, that’s going to be my pool'”, continues Ryan.

DeLoach says he got tired of buying cheap pools, so he was going to make it himself even by teaching himself how to weld on this project. The pool has recently been painted and had windows installed to make it look like an aquarium. The pool will use chlorine and be about four feet deep.

“The construction process has been, you know, in my spare time. I have a full time job, and I’m a full time parent and husband. So, I do this about four hours a day. It’s taken about two and a half months in my spare time. I would say we should be swimming probably in about two weeks,” says Ryan.

The DeLoachs have documented the making of the Swimpactor on their YouTube Channel, Maker 238 where they show the remarkable transformation. Ryan hopes to one day have enough YouTube subscribers so he can build things full time.

Ryan says, “If you didn’t know me personally, you would probably think I’m crazy. But, anybody that knows me, knows that if I decide to do something, I make it happen. So, when I decided to do this, there was no doubts whatsoever. That’s why I’m putting all of this hard work in so, I can lay back and watch my kids and my wife enjoy the pool that I built that I can just enjoy. With a little imagination, and some hard work, I mean you can pretty much make anything.”

For a link to his YouTube Channel, head HERE.

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