Local Man First To Land on TBI Animal Cruelty Registry

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – According to officials at McKamey Animal Canter, the first person to be added to the animal abuse registry will be Chattanooga man.

But there is controversy surrounding his conviction in court.

News 12’s Erik Avanier joins us live from McKamey where animal advocates are both pleased by the conviction but outraged over the plea deal offered to the defendant.

On one hand animal advocates are happy to see Michael Henley get convicted of felony aggravated animal abuse which means he will be placed on the new statewide animal abuse registry.

On the other hand, they are furious because he will legally be allowed to have access to animals despite the conviction.

According to the plea deal, Henley received a 2-year, probation and alcohol monitoring and he’s required to go on the registry.

Henley was convicted of using a shoe to beat his Pomeranian to death while he was reportedly intoxicated.

But for some reason in court, the prosecutor agreed to a plea deal that does not prevent Henley from obtaining animals while he is on probation.

Jamie McAloon, McKamey Director says "In our case we certain,y want to pursue the fact that the District Attorney’s office request that they’re not allowed to have pets while on probation, unfortunately that wasn’t asked in this case so therefore he was allowed to maintain or keep his own pets or get new ones actually."

Again Henley will become the first person in the state to go on the animal abuse registry but he will still be allowed to have pets.

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