Local Mental Health Experts Weigh in on Capitol Hill Shooting

On the outside, this fairly new mother and former dental hygienist looks like she could be your neighbor, but it’s what’s on the inside, experts say, that’s a little more shocking.

Kent Blocker, a mental health counselor in Chattanooga, says, "She just wanted to get to Obama and tell him to stop stalking her."

That’s what some say lead to 34-year-old Miriam Carey’s death.

With her 1-year-old daughter in tow, she rammed her car into a barricade near the White House and then lead officers on wild chase.

Family members say she could have suffered from Post-Partum Depression.

Blocker adds, "You loose that ability to think rationally."

Blocker says surprisingly enough, PPD can very easily make you do something like this.

"They get very paranoid, they believe people are against them, people are trying to do things to hurt them.  It’s a chemical imbalance," says Blocker.

And it does not get treated nearly enough, according to Blocker. 

He says, "Unfortunately a lot of government funding for mental health has been cut."

That leads Blocker to ask the question; when will America put a greater emphasis on mental illnesses?

Carey’s daughter was not injured.

She was taken into protective custody.

Officers on the scene are being questioned about the use of deadly force.

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