Local minister headed to Ukraine to rescue wife and daughter

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) A Ukrainian national who became a minister in the Tennessee Valley is risking his safety to rescue his wife and daughter in the war torn area where Malaysia Airlines flight 17 was shot down.

WDEF spoke exclusively to Yuri Markov before he boarded his flight from Atlanta to Ukraine. Yuri talked about the on Flight 17 that killed all 298 passengers on board.

"Only now will the cost of tremendous loss of life we’re being able to see who is really the terrorist and who stands behind them."

Markov’s trip is very dangerous. He must travel to an area within 20 miles of where the airliner was shot down.

"I have no plans to show off. I will only take the necessary actions. I realize the danger."

Back here in Chattanooga, close friend and colleague Kimberly George is also worried about Markov’s safety. George is the marketing director of the Chattanooga Salvation Army.

"It’s really difficult to talk about. To know that one of your friends is going back to a war torn area where there just violence all around; where he has lost personal friends," George said.

The personal friends she is referring to were reportedly tortured and killed by separatist.

"They were Protestant Christians who were killed because they were considered to be an ally with the U.S," Markov said.

Half the world is pointing fingers at Russian President Vladimir Putin. Markov like so many other Putin critics believe the Russian president supplied militant forces with the missile launching system that took down flight 17.

"He knows that he is not going to be confronted. That’s what makes him dangerous in he this situation. He is not afraid of anything," Markov said.

If all goes well, Markov will be able to return to the United States with his wife and daughter in two weeks. In the mean time, he says he will be updating his Facebook page with images and information for his family and friends in the Tennessee Valley.

Markov previously studied at the Church of God Theological Seminary in Cleveland.

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