Local Mom hospitalized with Covid delivers baby while on ventilator

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Emily Brown was in her third trimester when she became infected with covid-19, which led to her hospitalization and breathing with the use of a ventilator.

Riceville mom says she didn’t take covid-19 seriously last September and it nearly cost her her life. 

“I was at home asleep and my husband woke me up and said ‘I don’t care if you want to or not – we’re going to the hospital. You are breathing weird.’ I thought it was because I was pregnant,” says Emily Brown, Covid-19 Survivor, and Mom.

Shortly after Brown was hospitalized she was placed on a ventilator and was told the baby needed to be delivered earlier than expected. 

“My breathing was getting worse. They said he was pressing against my diaphragm. Then they put me on a ventilator and delivered him by c section. I remember almost nothing,” says Brown.

Brown only remembers waking up without a pregnant belly. When the hospital informed her that she’d given birth to a healthy baby boy  22 days earlier, it was then that she realized Covid had taken away her memory of the delivery of her firstborn child. 

“There’s no going back. That’s just something my husband and I have to live with. I hate that he didn’t get to experience the actual birth. As soon as I had him they whisked him away. They had a plastic shield. They didn’t want him to contract covid if he didn’t already have it,” says Brown.

Dr. Cohen says this time last year vaccines weren’t available to anyone, but they believe now situations like this can be avoided by getting vaccinated.

“It’s a scary situation. We Don’t want anyone to ever be in that. We want someone to celebrate the birth of their first child and emergencies happen but we really feel that COVID-19 emergency cesarean sections needing a ventilator in the ICU are a preventable thing,” says Dr. Aaron Cohen, Critical Care Physician at Erlanger.

Both Emily and Tucker are happy and healthy. She says now she’s vaccinated and encourages everyone to take the pandemic seriously. 

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