Local mom wonders why she’s facing charges

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Timeka Menifee showed News 12 the car she said she was pulled over in Friday night.

It’s a silver Ford Taurus with no plate and a piece of cardboard in the back window reading “stolen tag applied for.”

“I have no reason to run from anybody. I hold a valid driver’s license. I have car insurance. I don’t have any priors. I don’t have any reason,” Menifee said.

According to an affidavit, at around 11:28 Friday night a Red Bank police officer told dispatch that they were in pursuit of a possible stolen vehicle described as a Ford Taurus with what appeared to be a homemade temporary tag in the back window.

The pursuit ended at the Highway 27 South bound on ramp.

The affidavit said that around 9 minutes later, a Hamilton County Deputy saw a car matching that description on I-24.

It was Menifee, her husband and child.

“I didn’t even think he was pulling me over at first, cause I was in the far left lane and then I heard his sirens come on. So, I thought he was trying to hurry up and get to a call. So I get over and then he gets over with me,” she said.

The affidavit said the car continued to drive at speeds of 45 miles per hour and traveled around 2 and a half miles before coming to a stop.

“When I pulled over I looked in my rear view mirror, and I saw that he had a gun pulled out, and I couldn’t really hear what he said, because I was kind of freaked out by it, but while I was listening he was telling me to get out. Open my door get out with my hands out and get out and lay on my stomach on the ground,” Menifee said.

The affidavit said the Red Bank Officer came out to the scene and positively identified the car as the one that evaded him.

But, Menifee said it wasn’t her…. she had just been to a hotel to drop-off a backpack to her daughter and had stopped at a gas station.

She said she told authorities to look at security cameras.

“When I got to the jail I was still pleading with the officer to just look, telling him you’ve got the wrong people like you have the wrong car,” she said.

Menifee was arrested and paid bail to get out of jail.

She faces charges of evading arrest, felony evading, felony reckless endangerment and reckless driving.

“The last thing I want to do is to say that I was racially profiled, because I have so many friends of so many races. I guess I want to be blind to stuff like that … but I don’t have any other answer,” Menifee said.

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