Local mother reunited with Erlanger doctor who saved daughters life 15 years ago

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- A family in Chattanooga was reunited with the doctor who saved the life of their loved one back in 2002.A family in Chattanooga was reunited with the doctor who saved the life of their loved one back in 2002. It was a go-kart accident that many didn’t think 4-year-old Madison would recover from.

While Madison doesn’t remember much because she was 4,  her mother Renee remembers all too well the fear she felt as her daughter was fighting for her life.

Every time Renee looked at her daughter today, it was with amazement because, in fact, one of the doctors had instructed them to begin planning her funeral.

Renee says, “I didn’t and thank you very much. She’s my baby… that’s my girl.”

Renee says Madison was critically injured in a go-kart accident with Renee at the wheel 15 years ago.

Thursday afternoon Renee, Madison and older sister Katlyn were reunited with the man they say saved Madison’s life, after being told, she wouldn’t make it.

“When you see your baby laying there you’re thinking she is gone and then he steps in and he makes it better,” says Renee.

Better enough that Madison returned to her love for Go Karts a year later… and has continued to an adventurous life alongside her sister ever since.

Doctor Michael Carr a pediatric surgeon who cared for Madison says he remembers the case as one that he will never forget.

Carr says, “I had a part of it … I had a part and I am just thankful that I could do that.”

This reunion was planned for the holiday season to keep her mother’s spirits up, as she continues to hold on to regret what happened.

“The day I found out that she was legally blind in that one eye I took it really bad I sat in bed and cried all day. And then Madison would start crying and say that ‘Mom I don’t want you to feel guilty and its okay… I don’t care that I am blind in that eye… I just don’t want you to cry,'” says Renee.

Katlyn says, “It wasn’t your fault”

Fault that Renee’s daughter hopes she’s able to leave behind after this bittersweet reunion.

Renee says, “My girls are 21 and 19 and they realize how much family is … that is the greatest gift… I could ever have.”


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