Local police officers want to help kids through taco food truck

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Alisha Chavez’s passion for inner city kids started through her job as a Chattanooga Police Officer and working in community outreach.

“That’s where I think the bug kind of bit me for the kids and from there like now every chance I can get when I’m not busy at work I try to go to Carver Rec and to Glenwood Rec and hang out with the kids,” Officer Chavez said. “They know me to a point to where I’ll be on a call and they’ll come running up from random yards and, ‘Officer Chavez’, and I see a lot of kids who don’t have opportunities like even I had at Central that kids down there it’s, it’s different worlds, and it’s only so many miles away.”

Officer Chavez knew she wanted to help kids even more.

Then, after eating authentic Mexican tacos made by her mother-in-law, the idea of starting a food truck came to her.

“Throughout, I kind of developed like, you know, I could go to high schools with this, give kids another option, but also give me another way to interact with them,” Officer Chavez said.

Officer Chavez and her husband East Ridge Police Officer Anthony Chavez, both Army veterans, have started a kickstarter campaign for “Nacho Mama’s Tacos.”

It’s a food truck that would raise money for inner city youth by splitting 10 percent of the proceeds into two different funds.

One fund, the Future Business Owners fund, would give high school students the opportunity to compete to get grants to start their own business.

And, Nurture the Youth fund would go to help students pay off their lunches.

“You know where you’re a senior and stuff that prevents you from being able to do stuff if you owe the school money. You can’t go to prom. You can’t go on certain field trips and stuff like that. It eliminates that stuff from you. I want to be able to fix that for some of these kids and I want to make it a constant,” Officer Chavez said.

Officer Chavez said they’re working on getting the funds to get the business started, and don’t have a truck yet.

But, they’re determined to make it happen to give back to local kids.

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