Local Pool Store Urging People Not to Panic Buy Chlorine Amidst a Shortage

It’s starting to feel like summer in the Tennessee Valley which means people are eager to get back into the pool. But what happens if there is a chlorine shortage? River City Pool and Spa Manager is urging people not to panic when they read articles about chlorine shortages.

“Buy what you will need for this season, do not panic buy, this is not a toilet paper, last April situation. If your tabs run out in September, like we said we have liquid shock, powder shock, we have ways to maintain the pool, until it gets to closing season,” says longtime Sales Manager of 15 years at River City Pool & Spa, Bobby Gossett.

Last August, one of the leading chemical plants of chlorine burnt down as a result of Hurricane Laura. Because of that, chlorine supply is low and prices have soared.

“I probably received no less than 25 phone calls of people asking ‘Is there going to be a shortage?’ And, there is going to be a tightening supply. We’re pretty well assured that we’re going to have supply through the better part of May and into June. When we get beyond June, it is a question mark,” says Gossett.

There are alternatives to using chlorine tablets such as switching to a salt water system, but even that has its challenges. Gossett says after the historic freeze in Texas, pool equipment is in tight supply right now, and finding the equipment to switch to a salt system is very difficult.

“So many different issues converging into one year, and I’ve been doing this almost 15 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The plant that was destroyed in the fire is expected to be up and running by next spring. Gossett says the supply will likely be much better going into next summer.

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