Local Protesters host a Freedom Rally

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – At the corner of Gunbarrel road, hundreds gathered to protest against local and state officials that have recently implemented new coronavirus guidelines.

“We are standing up for freedom. There are so many things such as government overreach. We are standing up for facts,” says Brad Barton, Protesting Citizen.

From 10 am to noon hundreds of residents gathered to protest the coronavirus guidelines that are not only being implemented locally but also nationally such as mandatory vaccines, mask mandates, quarantined, and lockdowns.

“In case people don’t know we still stand on the constitution. It is not a living breathing document because it is the foundation of our country. It is our god-given rights that are declared by God and the declaration actually secures those rights,” says Glenda Pappu, Director of the Freedom Rally.

Protesters say the objective of today’s rally was to not only make THEIR voices heard but to stand up for the freedom of choice for all Americans.

“It’s not about safety. This mRNA “jab” is basically to reduce symptoms. Who cares about symptoms? I know you can get sick with the flu and everything else. This is about control,” says Barton.

“The Governor, our state representatives, our county and city representatives know that we are not going to comply with any lockdowns. We know that they do not work. We know the masks do not work. We want to get our voice out there to the people to let them know they aren’t alone,” says Pappu.

The local creator of the podcast “Unsilent Patriot” believes everyone should have the right to choose how they handle their own safety during the pandemic.

“In regards to the masks and vaccines. We are not here saying people can’t wear masks or that you shouldn’t get the vaccine. We are saying everyone should have a choice. If we don’t want to do it, we shouldn’t be forced to. If you want to wear it- you can wear it. We want everyone to have a choice and I think that’s the way America should be,” says Ashley Kaye, Podcast Creator.

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