Local Racing Enthusiasts Weigh in on Kevin Ward, Junior’s Death

CLEVELAND, TN (WDEF) – The no-nonsense driver mentality; its been around these tracks for decades.

Carl Brady, a local racing enthusiast, says, "Back in the old days, it was like Saturday night at the fights after the races. I’m serious."

Brady says its always been an aggressive sport.

It can start with bumping a car and end up in all out brawl.

And, a lot of the time, you do see drivers get out of their cars in a fit of rage.

Brady adds, "They do it, it’s not a good idea, but a lot of them do it."

That’s what happened over the weekend in Upstate New York.

Tony Stewart caused Kevin Ward, Junior, 20, to spin out.

That resulted in Ward getting upset.

He ran towards Stewart’s car, and what happened next only Stewart knows.

Brady says, "I don’t think he would hit the guy on purpose, it’s just an aggressive sport, it’s a very aggressive sport."

Scott Ohms, another racing enthusiast, adds, "You can’t see over here on the right side. You have very limited visibility, mainly in front of you and little bit on each side and that’s it."

So far, no criminal charges have been brought against the 3-time Nascar Champion.

Chad Elliott, a local track promoter, says, "These guys got a lot of money tied up in these cars and they want to take care of the situation when they’re mad I guess."

Local racers say Nascar and other organizations actually encourage this type of environment.

Brady adds, "That’s what people like to see."

But can the culture that’s been around for decades change?

Ohms says, "That’s kinda like trying to make sure a dog doesn’t bite somebody. There’s really nothing you can do."

Elliot adds, "They need to get out in the pits and talk it out like men. These cars are weapons."

Tony Stewart was interviewed by authorities on two separate occasions.

Again, charges are not pending.

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