Local Residents Plead to City Officials for Speed Control

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Residents of Brainerd Hills Subdivision say speeding has been a problem on their street for more than a decade now, "I’ve almost been hit several times just backing out my driveway," said Curtis Phillips, who’s lived on Bass Rd. for nearly that long. 

Back in August, Resident Tonya Bright said she started a petition asking for some type of speed control from the city. "According to the city’s guidelines I had to get 67 percent or two-thirds of the roads that are listed, which we did and we got over in above that," said Bright.

After months of waiting, Bright said the city conducted a speed study on Bass Rd, to prove how often and just how fast people actually drove down the street.

But before plans could start moving forward, braid claims one city official in particular stepped in, "When I talked to the city they said there would be no meeting with the residents. That they had a meeting with Carol Berz and Bill Connol, and that there was not going to be a meeting."

Residents claim City Councilwoman Carol Berz has voiced her concerns about adding speed bumps, and claims she wants to stop the project from moving forward.

"I just think that the people have spoken, and Carol Berz works for the people, and she needs to get behind everybody and support this," said Bright, "We can come to some type of resolution."

News 12 personally spoke with Councilwoman Berz, who denies any truth to the allegations against her. She said she supports what the people want 100 percent, and would never want to jeopardize the safety of the public.

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