Local Sanctuary for Elderly and Severely Abused Animals

PIKEVILLE, TN (WDEF) – “He’s got a lot of trust issues because you do when someone shoots you in the face,” says Judy LaGrone who is President and Treasurer for Maringa Animal Shelter.

Copper is one of 50 animals being loved back to health after severe abuse and neglect at the Maringa Animal Sanctuary in Pikeville, Tennessee.

Founded in 2018 by Judy and Glenn LaGrone on an idyllic piece of land overlooking a rural valley, some of the animals also have terminal diseases which make them unadoptable.

“We wanted to have a sanctuary for unadoptable animals because of their health, because of their age, because of their behavior, people that didn’t want these kinds of animals in their homes, because Bledsoe doesn’t have an animal shelter. Bledsoe doesn’t have an animal control officer. Bledsoe doesn’t have another organization that really will do what we do, so we had to rescue,” says LaGrone.

If you’re curious how you can adopt one of these special animals, the LaGrone’s only offer some of the animals for adoption through very select rescue shelters around the country. Otherwise, they are brought in to simply live out their last days in peace and safety.

“We are lead here to be the person in their life who can not only let them get physically well but help them get emotionally well, so that’s what we try to do,” says LaGrone.

The LaGrones say they are heartbroken when animals are dumped on their property so they urge the community to call them first if they have an animal that needs sanctuary. If you are interested in volunteering at the sanctuary or making a donation, you can find them at maringaanimalsanctuary.com.

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