Local savings for your Thanksgiving feast

Chattanooga,TN (WDEF) – Continued inflation is poised to gobble up your Thanksgiving budget a little quicker this year.  Inflation is driving many shoppers to search for their best deal ahead of the Thanksgiving feast.

According to the Tennessee Farm Bureau’s 37th Thanksgiving survey the average cost of this year’s classic dinner 10 is up to nearly $65 a 20% increase from last year.

Turkey is up 21 percent and according to Farm Bureau the avian flu in part increased the price. While the war in Ukraine is effected grain prices.

“If you look at the closer we get to Thanksgiving, the more sales that are available to us. We can also make some things from scratch rather than buying the pre made pre packaged items and that saves a lot of money as well,” said Isabella Chism with Farm Bureau. “There is a whole lot that goes into our food before it actually gets to the table. We have transportation costs, processing costs and packaging costs and they have all gone up across the board.”

Avoiding those high prices can be difficult, but Food City is advertising their Thanksgiving meal for 8 people for $40.

“We’ve got our ‘Feed the Crew for a Few Deal’ and the main feature is our Butterball turkey for 99 cents a pound,” said Food City District Manager Katie Penny. “That’s with a purchase of $25 of our store brand food club, culinary tours items just to name a few of those brands. It’s a $5 per serving based on eight servings for the $40 deal.”

The good new is the Farm Bureau Thanksgiving meal survey included Tennessee shoppers and the Southeast region was the most affordable.


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