Local State Parks & Preserves Preparing for Busy Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest weekends for parks across the U.S. Our local parks and preserves here are preparing for the crowds. “We’re having all hands on deck, it’s going to be a very busy weekend, and we’ll be out there in force,” says Steve Black, Superintendent for Little River Canyon Natural Preserve.

Little River Canyon is preparing for thousands of people this holiday weekend. The natural preserve will open all weekend long from sunrise to sunset. National Park Service staff and volunteers will be on hand to assist visitors.

“Swim in groups, don’t swim alone, and know your ability. One of the things that we have seen most often in fatalities that we’ve had here is that people think that they know their abilities, but they really can’t,” says Superintendent Black.

At Cloudland Canyon, there is no swimming allowed, but you can get views of waterfalls and the beautiful scenery. Assistant Park Manager, Woody Hues says, “We are mainly a hiking park. We have over sixty miles of trails whether it’s hiking, horseback riding, or mountain biking. We also have an eighteen hole disc golf course, half acre cat fish pond, and just an abundance of beauty.”

Cloudland Canyon camping sites are completely booked for the Memorial Day weekend. Both parks are urging people to arrive early for hiking and other activities throughout the weekend as parking is limited. Little River Canyon and public parts of Cloudland Canyon do not allow alcohol or any type of glassware.

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