Local Woman Fights for a Stop Sign

Chattanooga (WDEF) – If you’re a native to the Scenic City, you may remember the old Way Map Store in North Chattanooga. Now the owners of that popular store are working hard to make sure the street they live on stays safe.

“I’m trying to prove my point,” said Mary H Bean, “We need that stop sign there.” Bean said she’s fed up with all the accidents that happen at the intersection of Hunter Trail and Gadd Rd.

In fact, Bean said according to city records there have been a total of 11 accidents that have happened on that busy intersection in the past year, including one on Jan. 25 that left two people hospitalized.

“That’s when I decided to try to do something about it,” said Bean, “So I went out and got 78 signatures of people that think we need a stop sign there, and they all agree it’s a very dangerous intersection.” Bean said she’s taking those signatures to City Hall for next Tuesday’s council meeting.

And for those at home who would like to help, Bean asks that you show up  to Tuesday’s council meeting to  stand and support her. It starts at 6 p.m., at the City Hall in downtown Chattanooga.

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